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float n fly

rich mc

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Here is good pointer for float and fly fishing taken from a article written by Tim Holschlag:

“Precise depth control and the ability to work the fly extremely slowly are the key components of the float-and-fly concept. When the fish are suspended at specific depths, when they are sluggish and holding tight to the bottom or even when you want to fish subsurface in very shallow water, being able to keep your fly at an exact depth comes in mighty handy. This is possible with a fly suspended directly below a large indicator.” 

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Float and fly can be a difficult technique to fish on rivers As Bart mentioned depth control is very important and unless you are targeting an area that is fairly consistent this can be difficult! Most rivers the depth varies alot which makes keeping the correct depth an issue. I have been having success throwing hairjigs and fishing them very slow on the bottom with the most productive color being black!

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