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Ed Mullady

Mike Clifford

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Ed “E.J.” Mullady, creator of The Sportsman’s Letter, passed away on Sunday at 94 years old. 
He spent more than half of those years dedicating himself to conservation causes in the Kankakee River region. 
The Sportsman’s Letter, which he created and distributed from his Riverview home in Kankakee, provided anglers and conservationists with vital information for more than 52 years. 
He broadcast more than 5,600 weekly “The Big Outdoors” fishing shows on WKAN radio, traveled the region giving seminars, and created and updated Kankakee River Fisherman’s Atlases for both the Illinois and Indiana sides of the river. 
He fought ardently to protect the environment and the beautiful natural resources in the Kankakee area and beyond. 
He’s an Illinois Outdoors Hall of Famer and the recipient of the Honor Roll Award from the Izaak Walton League of America as well as the Russel Sinclair News Media Award for conservation writing. 
This is a tremendous loss to his many loved ones, but also to environmental efforts. 
In his memory, please do your part to help continue his legacy now, when we need it more than ever.

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Loved reading the Sportsman's Letter for many years.

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