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Junk Tires Wanted

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Know the location of a junk tire? Maybe that old white wall is right next to one of your secret spots and you wished it were gone. Like me, you’ve seen a few but can’t get them out in that moment. I’d like to help remove them, no need to tell me it’s your secret spot :) 

I can work with you individually if you know of a few here or there, or if you know of an area that has many tires we can organize a larger group.  Please keep in mind that I’m in Plainfield, so within 50 miles or so is my ability.  Any river, creek or lake as long as it’s public and legal. No large tires please i.e. truck or agricultural. I will bring the passenger tires to Discount Tire and cover the $3.00 disposal fee per tire, reimbursement has been arranged. Social distancing guidelines need to be adhered during these uncertain times. Reply here so we can get a few tires out, then make some time to fish. 
This one was submerged in the DuPage River within Hammel Woods in Shorewood. First saw it back in July and thankfully It hadn’t moved much since then. Of course this area has more than just an occasional tire so the might as well stuff gets picked out also. 



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There is an area on the lower DuPage River near the campground below the breached lake south of Shepley Road that was at one time full of tires that needed removal.   I haven't floated that area in awhile and maybe they have since been removed or washed out but that would be an area worth checking out.  Not a bad area for smallmouth fishing either.  Shhhhh.

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