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Bronzeback Blowout

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Jeff Tallis, who has been so generous at past Blowouts donating St Croix rods, let me know that he will be bringing  6 St. Croix  Avid X AXS70MXF Spinning rods paired with hand selected spinning reels from Shimano, Acuma, Lew's, Diawa etc. Great combinations perfect for the raffle. 

Also a change from last year, we'll have a new caterer, Steamboat BBQ, from Wheaton. 

Don't wait too long to buy your tickets, just click on the 2020 Bronzeback Blowout heading above.

See you there!

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I have some announcements concerning the Blowout. First, due to a mistake on my part, Jim Crowley will not be able to speak at the event. In his place, will be Art Malm of Friends Of The Fox River will be speaking. Art will be doing a presentation on the removal of dams on the Fox River.  The removal of dams is probably the biggest improvement that can be made to the river and Art’s presentation will give us up to date information on how things are going.

Secondly, we have changed our caterer, from Firewater BBQ, to Steamboat BBQ of Wheaton. The food should be excellent as I’ve had nothing but rave reviews about Steamboat.  
With just over a week to go, there is still time to get your tickets. Click on the Blowout forum, or call me direct and I can take credit card info over the phone.  (630) 209-9452. There is still plenty of time to mail in a check if you prefer. 
I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Scott Ferguson 

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