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Don't give me no Lipp

Rob G

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Has anyone tried these Fly Lipps before with their flies ?  Obviously used to copy the wiggle or wobble of a Rapala.  My first attempt with this  Zonker like fly caused it to  move erratically  and somewhat rolling, nothing like a  true running Rap.  I might need to weight it more but it did impart a lot of movement to the fly though it did not really cause it to dive deeper like I was hoping.  I'm wondering what you can create by modifying that front lip?   Also, do you think I'm paranoid or do you foresee that lip getting in the way of solid hook sets?  Anyway, just curious if anyone has played with these and what were their results..  Thanks   




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Some of the lips will work better than others, and I use a good bit of cement to keep them from spinning on the shank. I'd recommend using them on articulated flies.  I've caught a few fish on them but I don't typically throw them much any more.  The first time I made one, I took it to a local area to try out.   I was tossing a short cast to see how it would act and this muskie crushed it with about 10 feet of line out!




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