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May/June Newsletter

Mike Clifford

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I must say, Scott has outdone himself again.

A wonderful newsletter, packed full of great information.


That Parasite brand of hook I read about struck me as being a most useful tool in the arsenal, as I started getting aggravated just the other day as my Senkos and finesse worms continued to get slammed up the line, thus becoming rather useless on subsequent casts.


Great writing, all of ya.

Just getting set to stretch out and read the rest.....


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Those Parasite clips are the best. Bass Pro in Bolingbrook was out of the small size the last time I was there. (I bought them out!)

My wife actually has almost nothing to do with the newsletter. Aside from my own regular piece and the occasional other article I do, nearly all of the other stuff is sent to me by others. I drop it all in, make it fit, and send it to the printer.

The real credit goes to all of those who send me article they've written and Jim Jozwiak for digging around for good pieces.

By the way, I'm always in need of good photos. Scenic shots, like the one on the cover, big bass or just something interesting, send them to me. High resolution pics are a must. Send them to;

isalliance@sbcglobal.net or hard copies can be sent to ISA 1506 Roth Dr Joliet, Il 60431

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