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Tackle HD Mega-Mite Hellgramite

Mark K

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Very cool soft plastic. Much larger than any real live helgie I've ever seen (and I fished with them a lot).  By the time a hellgramite gets anywhere near the 3" mark they are making their way out of the water.  By the third year they crawl up on a bank and burrow under rocks, form sort of a cuccoon and then transform into a Dobsonfly. 

The head/thorax portion is thicker than the abdomen and it is almost as if this bait were designed to use with a 1/8 oz keeper hook.  It's very durable.  I caught 8 smallies, foot long ones, with the same one and it's still good.  The bait with the keeper hook looks specatacular on the bottom.  I got the olive flavor and it blends with the bottom so perfect that the shine from hook sticks out like a sore thumb.  I think this might be a good one to whacky rig too.  I am not convinced that fish think it's a hellgramite but it looks very natural on the bottom.  However I caught everything with a fast twitchy retrieve so much for that


If there is any disappointment, I saw this video and was expecting more action.  The ones I have are stiffer than this.



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