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Boogerman is Back !

k olson

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For those of you who like a extremely loud top water bait buzzbait ,I found something very comparable to the once now defunct Boogerman buzzbaits made in southern Illinois.  When they went out of business a few years back, Eric found one made by Strike King called the honey buzz I believe but I could  never get it to make that clacking noise like the Boogerman's.  I tweaked the wire every way possible but never could replicate the sound I was looking for until I happen to be at the fishing show in January and just happen across a buzzbait made by a guy out of Indiana called the "Rowdy Buzz Lures".  I kinda for forgot I had it till last week when I was pond hoping and couldn't believe how loud it was, I thought this is gonna be killer cla cked up stream in our rivers.  I stopped at the Fox a few days ago, didn't have any takers but it is plenty noisy and should draw their attention.   One improvement that was made is the shaft that gets banged to make the noise seems to better a little more dense and not wear down like on the Boogerman which had a softer metal.  If you sling a baitcaster pick one of these bad boys up  !  they do make different sizes that should work on a spinning rod as well.IMG_20190721_160844848.thumb.jpg.8b4267fecce4a9b1ec5e6a3308f9413f.jpg

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