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Not that you would, BUT if you did...

Rob G

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Not that you would BUT if you did, what fly would you likely use for carpin' ?   There's an excellent series of videos on this subject over on utube produced by Mad River Outfitters on the subject, well worth a look IMO.  

Again not that I would ever fish for the lowly carp but if I did, I bet this fly would probably be one of my two favorites, a take off of on Bob Clouser's excellent swimming nymph.   But again, I'm just guessing at this point because I would never be willing to stalk those muddy flats on a sunny summer afternoon in search of such a fish that could get me into my backing so easily. 

And of course, I know Johnny G. would never descend so low as to chase these "trash fish"  😄



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The first fly shown here is almost identical to the fly I had been  having luck with in the canal for common carp. Mine have black legs. I like small crayfish flies in the river such as those listed here. Ants produce well when they are surface feeding. Grass carp are a project of their own. They seem to be much more picky and usually key in on something very specific. You have to match the hatch, as a trout fisher  would say.

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9 hours ago, Rob G said:

John, so you tie that fly in black as shown in your link but with black legs?  

What size hook?

Yes, black legs and often without the collar. Black collar when it's on. Body and tail of marribou. I try to keep it simple. Usually on a size 8 or 10 hook. I go black because the carp are often kicking up silt and I figure they can more easily spot the black.

In the river, with the harder bottom, I will often throw flies that are more crayfish like in shape and color.

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