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Articulating Flies with AFW Stainless

Mike G

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Mega Jerk Articulation


I am still Binging on Brammer. Did he name a fly after me? Though I am not ready to get into streamer brushes yet, I like the shank he made to articulate this fly. It comes up about 22:00 in the video. Since both mono and coated stranded wire have some shortcomings this use of solid stainless for that link looks promising. I have some similar wire-AFw #12 stainless, 174 lb. test. It is about the same diameter as a Mustad 3366 #6 hook. I use it for making shanks with good results.


The # 12 wire may he uses be too heavy for smaller flies. I will try lighter gages like #5 (44 lb.) 0r #9 (109 lb.). Anyone else doing this?




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