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Forrest Miller

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Good morning everyone. During the officers meeting yesterday it was brought up that we have 1800 followers on our Faecbook page. We feel that we are missing out on reaching out to people who are following the ISA by only posting our events here. Therefore, I have added an event on the Facebook page inviting both members and non-members to our water willow planting next Sunday. Please go to the ISA Facebook page and RSVP if you have Facebook. For those of you who do not have a Facebook page, do not worry. We are still going to be posting all of the events in the events section of this forum. This is simply a way to hopefully reach a larger audience and increase our web presence, which we ultimately hope to result in a larger membership of people who love Smallmouth and conservation! Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the Facebook page and/or the event that is posted there. If you have Facebook, please RSVP to the event that is posted there. You can still let us know in the events thread on this forum if you are coming also. Thanks everyone!


-Forrest Miller

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Consider linking the forums directly to Facebook to promote more interest. I'd put a link at the top of the forums, above open discussion (similarly to how the main site is linked to from the bottom of the forums).




Furthermore, ISA officers, etc., consider consolidating some of the sub-forums. There is so little activity on these forums, it's ludicrous at this point to have so many categories. Bassbuggers and Bassbugger Member Submissions could be one. We may as well just have one "fishing reports" sub-forum at this point. Let's Hook Up ... gone.


We've basically got 20-25 people logging in here on a regular basis ... on a busy day!

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We plan to overhaul and upgrade our website in the new year. We are hoping to find a member "webmaster" to oversee the changes in our website and to maintain the website. My President's Page article in the next newsletter addresses this issue. Any ISA members with IT knowledge or website experience that would have interest in helping the ISA with the website upgrade please contact Scott Ferguson or myself.

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