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Crank experts


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Seems like the crankbait bite has died down a bit from earlier this spring.


Was wondering what the consensus here is on crankbaits. Do you start off burning them in, stop and go, or slow and steady? In general and this time of year? Cover lots of ground, or call your shots?


Seems like I figure it out eventually during the day, with the wealth of knowledge here what usually works first?

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Crankbait fishing for smallies---

I start out with a shallow running lure.

Retrieve at a rapid steady rate---fan casting, makeing 4-6 casts.

If no takers, slow down and repeat as above.

Continue fan casting the area, using a slower retrieve rate.

Finally--- then retrieve it very SLOW---sometimes with a SLOW wobble.


If the fish is active and aggresive, they take the lure PDQ.


In most cases, I've caught more fish and larger fish, using a SLOW retrieve.


When retrieving at a rapid rate, the angler generally has a tendency to make a fast hook-set, resulting in lost fish.


At a slower rate, the fish can swim up to it, from underneath, behind or either side, and just inhale to lure, resulting in better hook-up percentages.


Lure shape and profile can be a triggering factor.


Changing retrieve rates, such as jerks and pauses, may trigger a fish into striking.


Experimenting is the best teacher---like the old saying, find out what the fish want.


Wide bodies lures push more water---sending off different sound vibrations, as they're retrieved thru the water.


Narrow bodied lures, such as baitfish imitators, seem to catch more fish, with a slower retrieve---especially those that suspend----more closely resemble a minnow, or the like, lazily finning and swimming thru the water.


Works for me.


Hope this helps.

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Steady as she goes has worked for me this week.

I've just gotten into a rhythm after getting hit on a retrieve that caught fish.

Try to get that muscle memory working and ride it on a given day.


The trick is in finding the right speed and cadence.

May have taken me 100 casts to find a fish that took a liking, but the rest followed suit.

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I'm not a big crank fisherman but they do have their place. I fish them mostly when water temps are in the 40's & 50's in the spring and the fall. Once water temps hit the 60's its pretty much all plastics, topwaters, and spinners for me. Pretty much in that order too. The retrieve that works best for me is a series of twitches and pauses mixing up the cadences. I have not had success burning a crank in the river. I have had outstanding success burning a crank in ponds but that is mostly with green bass. I will definately agree that bumping structure and pausing is a great trigger of agressive strikes.

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