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Parasite Worm Clips

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If you like to fish plastics like senkos but hate it when they slide down, ball up on the hook, and fall off way too quickly, there is a new product that will make your day. They are called Parasite worm clips and worm weights.

Click on the link below and you can see a short video on how they work.

I've been using them for the last few days and have averaged over a dozen bass on ONE Yamamoto Senko! I could have kept using it but it was a little beat up. My previous average was probably 3 fish per bait.





The only place I have seen them is at Bass Pro. The one in Springfield Missouri that is. I know they have them online, but I don't know if Bolingbrook has them or not yet.

I know I'll never fish a Senko again without them.



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I primarily fish the Senko, "weightless".


I've found the XWG hook, or the G-Lock style hook, the most ideal.

(Round bend do not offer a deep throat depth on the hook).


The XWG hooks result in a better hook-up, and will increase the catch ratio.


Applying a "half-drop" of fishing glue to the hooks offset area, where it passes thru the plastic body, prevents the soft plastics from sliding down.


Inserting a round toothpick, thru the side of the Senko, so the toothpick rests against the offset in the hook, is also effective. After inserting the toothpick, clip-off each end flush with the sides of the Senko.


Works for me.

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I got some of these recently and tried them out on Saturday, I was using 1/4 tungsten with a Sweet Beaver. All three fish that I caught on that set up sliced through the nose of the bait. I think the weightless clips may be good but I'm not sold on the weights yet, too prone to appeasiotomy if you will.

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No way will I use "fishing glue". I have a hard enough time tying baits standing in the river while holding on to my fishing rod. Trying to put a single drop of superglue on my hook is just trouble waiting to happen. What happens when you want to change baits? Will there be a piece of plastic permanently attached to the hook where you'd like to attach a new bait?

I also found that the medium size parasite clips will work with slider head jigs and whatever plastic you like to use with them.

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