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Your Christmas Present

Mike G

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Merry Christmas, Fellow Buggers!


Here is my Christmas Gift to you. If it were just an illustrated book on fly tying, I am sure that would be enough.


If the authors of this book were Gretchen and Al Beatty, that would be more than enough. Gretchen and Al might be the best English language writing duo when it comes to fly tying and photography.


If the subject of the book were the last unpublished flies of the iconic Gary LaFontaine, that would be even more than enough. My present to you is all three of these.




LaFontaine’s Legacy Fly Patterns

The last unpublished flies by the master angler, Gary LaFontaine.

This book was adapted from the original hard-cover book published in 2007.

By Gretchen & Al Beatty

Copyright © 2017 by GAB Publishing. All Right Reserved.


Maybe you are holding back because LaFontaine is a trout guy and you are a Bass guy. There a number of patterns like the Marabou Worm, an articulated Dragon Fly, and an articulated Craw that are right up Bronzeback alley.




Here’ the fine print. You need to have a Kindle or the Kindle reader app (free from Amazon). The book is a free read for Amazon Prime members. Otherwise the EBook is a reasonable $7.99. (Original hardcopy $24)


Get it at



Merry Christmas!

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