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Tent Recommendations

Mark K

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Looking for a 10 X 10ish to 12 X 12. Reasonably light, and compact under $300. This is for car camping, but the possibility off a canoe trip exists.


Also one of those screen tents that you can put over picnic bench to escape skeeters and rain.


If any have worked for you and lasted please let me know.

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Unless you hit a really good sale I think you'll be hard pressed to find a good tent that size at that price point. They have some tents in the size you are looking for at Cabelas but you don't get full rain-fly coverage. After being in scouts for the last 13 years there is no way I would purchase a tent without a rain-fly that went all the way to the ground on the whole tent.


With that being said I looked at Cabelas a bit more and found this.




There is also a 4 person. They have the specs backwards (new products no proof reading) as the larger tent is smaller than the smaller tent. The weight seems a bit light also but there is a lot of mesh which is good for summer.


Make sure you get a footprint or at least a tarp to go under the tent. Also if you canoe camp on sand get the 18- 20 inch sand stakes. We were on the WI in June and those stakes saved a tent collapse during a pretty bad storm.

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I'll vouch for the Eureka brand. Mine's been rained on every year for the last 7 or 8 and it's never let me down. Keep an eye on Steep and Cheap. Right now they have a sale going on backpacking tents, but I'm sure they'll be offering different tents soon. They change their inventory all the time.



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Always check out REI when looking for outdoor/camping gear. Not a fishing rod in the store but lots of tents/bags and even a kayak or two

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