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Piscifun Fly Reels


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Anyone looking for a quality fly reel should check out these on the website.After reading the glut of highly positive reviews I bought one.with which I'm very pleased As for price the cost of just a spare spool on other reels of comparable quality is at least 2x the cost of this reel. .

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Thanks Ron,


It is good to hear of reasonably priced reels that perform well. As noted in some of the reviews and comments, this one is similar to the Wind River from Cabelas. I have been using three WRs and find them dependable for the Bass I pursue. In comparison, the Piscifun comes in a cool gold finish and offers spare spools. The WR has a tapered arbor if that makes a difference. Both seem to get the job done.



Wind River

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Actually the Piscifun reels are supposedly cnc machined from aluminum stock which in theory is a step up from the cast aluminum Cabela's Wind River reel. In reality and on the water for most fishing, both will work just fine. Recently there are a bunch of Chinese machined aluminum fly reels flooding the market in all sorts of anodized colors. I have no idea as to their quality and prices range all over the place. Nice to hear Ron thinks highly of his.



do you mind telling us where you procured your reel......ebay, amazon, from Pisciform's website and is it the Blaze or the Sword model?

Btw, you can find that exact same reel selling elsewhere under different names.

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I got the Blaze5/6 thru Amazon for $35 with free 2day shipping.by oking A's trial offering.It's replacing one of my decades oid $250 Swiss made Marryat reels. i liked the looks and color of their reels so much that over time I bought 4,2 of which have worked perfectly to this day 2 being a constant annoyance.

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