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Two Fly Rigging

Mike G

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Thanks Mike for bringing it up. I really do enjoy these clips and as I'm listening, I'm constantly trying to apply those principles to my bass fishing. I have never spent a lot of time with two fly rigs for smallmouth or largemouth, and that's something I should try more this season. It will likely require I cast with more open loops which is not my tendency and I will have to think about it or I'm sure to hang those two flies together. I know Tom L will swing tandem flies but I tend to cast and strip hard and so it should be interesting. It will take some time to figure out what pair of flies I can mate and not ruin their individual action, but I like the idea of giving them a choice of colors.


To be continued....

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In a tandem streamers rig, there are a few things to keep in mind:


1. Don't use barbless hook for the lead fly (or point fly); otherwise, the trailer (or dropper) would come off sometimes.

2. Use a weighted fly (e.i. a Clouser) as the lead fly and a non-weighted fly (or lighter fly) as the trailer.

3. Hook-point-up flies work best as the lead fly.

4. The color of the lead fly should the color that you have the most confidence and change out the trailer fly to different colors.

5. Use a uni-loop knot (aka Duncan loop knot), NOT a clinched knot, to connect the trailer onto the hook-point of the lead fly, as Kelly mentioned in the video.


2 flies system works on both swinging and stripping. It works on stillwaters and streams. You can use a floating, sink-tip, or full-sinking line with the system.


Try it and you catch more fish.

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Note that his 8# test is Maxima--tough stuff. And I think his 24" is more like 30"++ in my eyes


Are you sure? It is very unusual for a fisherman to understate a length.

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