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unofficial launch blocked on k3

Norm M

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dnr put metal posts up blocking unofficial drift boat launch sight in island view parking lot in the k3 state park

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it's a spot where the parking lot is very close to the river . not really supposed to be used but folks have for years .



I seriously doubt the site administrator would be willing to schedule a meeting to even have a conversation on the matter .

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the administrator stated in an interview that she saw her job as protecting people from themselves . I have dealt with this person on many occasions over the years, in my experience , the chance of a meeting to discuss it is next to none.


I have personally seen folks told they could not carry a yak or canoe down to the river there because it's not an official boat launch .




The one you are most likely thinking of is at Hunting Area 2 , that also is not an official boat launch .


the only two official boat launches in the park are the one at the end of the Warner Bridge parking lot and the one on Rte 113 twixt Areas 9 and 10 .

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