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the tying event in bloomington


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I'll be turning lots more years than you on the 31st and I don't have nearly as much enthusiasm to show off what I've tied. Always interested to see what Jim Zoerb has to show us.

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what will we be tying?


Collin and Fred, glad you can make it. I'm not sure what specific pattern Uncle Jim will be showing off but he may be running late since he is displaying his tying skillz over at the Fish and Feather show. There will be lots of time for show and tell for sure.

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i have a couple new tying tips. I learned from a friend from the U.K. His name is Paul Slaney. Everyone should see how he ties and how much he buys ( far as the amount of stuff he buys at 1 time) He showed me a picture of 32 hen capes he bought( all at one time). i'll see if i can ask him for some pictures of his flies. He fishes mainly Salmon and trout but man can he tie

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