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Hot Presentation for Clear Water

John Flannery

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Hi guys and gals. Just wanted to share a presentation that has been working great for me on both largemouth and smallmouth in fairly clear water. Called the "Ned Rig" after Ned Kehde who refined it, written about in In Fisherman. Jack Schafer of Outdoor Notebook told me about it. Consists of half of a 6 inch Strike King Zero (the elastex makes it last longer) with the fat end rigged on a 1/16 oz Gopher Tackle Mushroom jig head in blood red, green pumpkin and similar colors on the plastic. Straight slow retrieve with twitches. Super glue will help keep the plastic in pl

ace. So far I have yet to see a bass that did not at least take a swipe and have stopped fishing grubs and senkos.Also might help use up those beat up plastics.

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Thanks for your technical expertise, Norm. During the shallow water fishing this spring, I have watched bass respond to this presentation like nothing else I have seen, including fish seeing it from 10 feet away, chasing it down and nailing it-consistently. Don't know what they think it is, but they almost can't resist it.

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