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Deer Hair Jigs for Freshwater Striped Bass

Forrest Miller

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As usual, my dad is being difficult by not giving me any ideas for fathers day. He lives down in KY on the Ohio River and they have been wearing out the Striped Bass. I want to tie him some Striper sized bucktail jigs. Does anyone have recipes for these?





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I fish stripers in tennessee a couple times a year. Best color combos have been chartuese over white with silver and or chart krystal flash and typical grey over white with chart/yellow crystal flash laid in as a lateral line. I like krystal flash because of its durability over flashabou. You could also try tying jigs for him umbrella style with "fish hair". This style jig excells in fast water snap jigging in dam areas. Again chartuese and white are prodominate colors. Another suggestion would be to epoxy thread wraps extremely well. The sandpaper type teeth of stripers are hard on wraps. I have used uv epoxies but good old devcon two part seems more durable even though it yellows quickly with age.

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