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Scott Ferguson

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Eric and I drove together on one of the sign postings on the Dupage River. He was driving and I started looking thru this huge collection of music in his truck. We liked a lot of the same kind of music, mostly guitar oriented stuff and Eric happened to be a smokin’ axeman himself. He was a south sider too and didn’t live far from me at all. Eric knew the Kank and the Mazon really well and he loved fishing topwaters too. So in short between music and fishin’ we a lot in common. He came over a couple of with his girlfriend (future wife) and both of them got along great with my wife. We became pretty close friends and he even watched my house and took care of our cats when we went on vacation. Over the years we went a few concerts together and fished local rivers crankin’ rock n’ roll up to “11” on the way. Later on Eric got the house in Indiana and the time for epic day long Kank wades got stretched pretty thin on both our ends. We did however keep in touch on the phone and I don’t think more than a few months ever went by without a really lengthy phone conversation. We did keep well enough in touch with talking and texting , that I was kind of shocked when I saw his picture on Facebbok and on the Guitar Center site where he worked. He grew his hair out and now he really, looked like a rocker.

I am trying not get mushy, but I am really going to miss this guy. In all the years I knew him I can’t remember a single real disagreement or a moment of not genuinely enjoying his company. In reading all the posts on his FB page I am not the only one. He has made quite an impression on folks and 47 years was just too short of a time for him to be here.


This is from a really hot July day on the Kank. If I remember right we hitting them pretty great that day.

18173260031_6b32d8b67a_z.jpguntitled (1 of 1)-35 by Mark Kasick, on Flickr


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Guest rich mc

since you posted the photo I remember him and a nice talk we had at one of the blowouts. ISA is more than just fishing , its making good friends. prayers to his family and friends . 47 is way to early rich mc

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FROM OFC. MICHAEL MOLLER, BIPD (RET.) As most of you may already be aware and some of you may not have heard, It is with my deepest regret to inform you all of the Tragic and untimely Death of our Friend, Our Brother, Mr. Eric Edward Moller, Age 47, of Walkerton, Indiana, formerly of Alsip, IL.

On This previous Monday, during the afternoon hours of

May 25th 2015 Eric Moller suffered complications during a cardiac procedure at a local hospital in Indiana.

Eric suffered a heart attack and after approximately one hour of efforts by doctors and nurses, Eric was pronounced deceased.

I have no words to describe to you all, how deeply sorry I am for this collective loss of a tremendously graceful human being, Brother, Friend, Husband and Family Member.

Eric was the most incredibly kind man I have ever known.

*As of 5:45pm, Wednesday, May 27th 2015, I was informed by my Sister In Law, Shawn Moller, and by my Father, Jay Moller,

the Visitation and Memorial Services for Eric will be held at



*SATURDAY, MAY 30TH 2015, (3PM TO 9PM)*

**I ask you all to please assist me in the notification of any and all of the friends of Eric Moller, be it The Alsip 1970's-1990's and all other friends Eric has come to know up until this year 2015.**

Eric knew many, many people, and he touched us all with his' love, his skill as a guitar player, and his' love of fishing, hiking, camping, environmental cleanup as well as his passion for professional Ice Hockey ( GO HAWKS )

Please reach out to everyone, for Eric Moller loved you all so very much.

I can not thank you all enough for the love, support, and offers of assistance to Eric's Wife, to me, and to the Entire extended Moller Family.

God Bless Eric.

God Bless you ALL.

With Love, Michael Jay Moller. 6pm (May 27th 2015)

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