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Terry Dodge

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That site has been talking for years that we all have federal rights to be on almost every stream in the US. I believe in what they are saying. I also know that the state of IL does not follows these laws. It would be interesting to see what happens if you were stopped by DNR for trespassing and had enough money to go to court and fight the citation. There are federal laws on the books that my supercede the crappy laws the state of IL has.

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It's not so much the IDNR that worries me it's the county and local law enforcement that most likely wouldn't have a clue about the national laws regarding water usage. You would most likely be wasting your breathe trying to talk your way out of it .

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Over the years I have emailed the link to that website to Springfield multiple times. Never got an acknowledge it was received and read .


I used to carry a hard copy of the federal law in my vehicle just in case it became an issue. It got waylaid somewhere along the line, most likely should print it out again .

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