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My Book

Gregg S

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Hey guys,

My book, a memoir of outdoor experiences, went to the publisher yesterday. It includes an account of how Jim J convinced me to join the ISA by promising me that Pete Plauck would become my personal fish caddy (some salesman that guy), a profile of the ISA guys I go to Sylvania with, and other adventures such as climbing Mount Rainier and going to Outward Bound. I'm looking at around June 1st for it to be printed. I'll keep you posted in hopes that some of you will enjoy reading it. I think you will.

Gregg Stockey

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I don't seem to recall that conversation....


Salesman and politician.


Congrats, Gregg. I'll take an autographed copy too!

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Sounds like an interesting read. I should go for an autographed copy too.


Jim didn't lie to me. My best free guided trip ever in IL waters was guided by Pete Plauk. If I never joined the ISA it probably never would have happened. Pete probably offered me this trip because I turned him on to the spot where he caught his 20.5" Kish smallmouth. It all comes full circle.

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You'll probably appreciate how you are characterized in a chapter called "The Sylvania Crew." Rather than give it away here I'll let you read it when the time comes.


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