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Thinning out tackle

k olson

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I was curious as to what other guys do to get rid of unwanted tackle such as rod & reel no longer used or buzzbaits etc that have fallen out of favor ? I don't want to be one of those guys who keeps on accumlating tackle without some means of reduction. I think all fishing trade in specials for rods & reels are over and I do need to get anything new in those areas right now besides they give you so little in trade in value. Is there such thing as Goodwill store for fishing tackle. I hate to throw stuff away if its still good. For example, I was given a huge bag of plastics (worms & tubes), I don't really care for any of it and have used very little in the 4 years I have stored it. I just want to keep things fairly simple and organized. What are some of your ideas, thoughts and or suggestions ?

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I find a small local shop that sells used gear (even lures) and show up and say Merry Christmas and give it all away. They love it and can make some profit off selling your used stuff. There's always someone out there that wants it.


I did this at Booth's Bait & Tackle in Aurora a few years ago and gave the guy 7 decent rods and a few reels. He was very thankful.


You could also put a short ad on Craigslist and say it's free with pickup.

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Guest rich mc

there was an outdoor fishing flea market in rolling meadows the day of the blowout. there is one coming up by a group in will county in peotone its like $10 bucks a table to set up rich mc

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