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Asian Carp Creeping Closer and Closer...

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"The groups reiterated their call for a controversial but permanent solution: a hydrologic separation of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes Basin. But in the meantime, they suggested several interim steps, including:

• Design of a new channel near a key lock in the Chicago River, which could divert invasive species from entering the lakes.

• Increased water controls at that lock.

• Research to see if reconfiguring other locks in the river would help prevent Asian carp from moving into the lake.

The Alliance for the Great Lakes spearheaded the joint statement, and the group’s president, Joel Brammeier, said the sheer number of positive DNA samples – which was higher than in past rounds of testing – served as a call to action.

“We still have an opportunity to extinguish this spark before waiting for the house to burn down,” he said.

Asian carp DNA also has been found more sporadically in other locations through the Great Lakes basin, including in Toledo, Ohio, and Green Bay, Wis.

But Brammeier said those isolated findings don’t pose the same level of concern as the consistent DNA findings in Chicago, which indicate the fish may be moving closer and closer to Lake Michigan.

After all, research five years ago showed Asian carp DNA several miles downstream from the lake, while the latest data shows it on the lake’s very threshold."

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