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Helping Veterans Go Fishing


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Hey guys,

I want to let you all know about a great cause I've been supporting and collecting for. I'm going to try to post a flyer of the pic that has details.... But Basically it's a gear & tackle (new or used ) donation drive to get veterans with war related injuries gear to get them fishing as a form of therapy. We all have heard the horror stories of how our Gov. Is failing our vets, many of whom are not getting the prompt or proper treatment they have earned! I hope that this makes a difference for these guys who put it all on the line to protect us. Also, gave me an excuse to get my tackle out & shuffle some stuff around like we do..... Any rods, reels, cranks, plastics, apparel or any working fishing related items would work. I can pick up donations for those who live a bit further out if you send me a message we can set up a meeting. Thanks in advance and hope all of you have a great Christmas. They aren't distributing the gear to Vets until spring so you have a couple months to donate. The drop off center is the Oak Lawn VFW# 5220

9514 S. 52nd ave

Oak Lawn, IL

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Thanks for the info John. I think we can all find something to donate. Maybe we can schedule an outing this new year to try and help some veterans catch some smallmouth bass!

TU's Oakbrook chapter has been having frequent outtings for disabled vets for the last few years using both spin & fly tackle.

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Hey all! Happy spring! If anyone wants donate anything just let me know and we can arrange a meeting to pick up gear for you guys who are a bit further out. If you are close to the south suburbs or want to ship somthing the address is at the top of this post. We have two weeks. April 4 is the event where the gear will be given to the veterans in need. Any questions let me know.

Thanks and god bless!

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