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New Swimbait from Big Hammer

Jonn Graham

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Big Hammer Swimbaits (a supporter of the ISA blowout) has come up with a new swimbait - the Ring Hammer. I was lucky enough to prototype these in the summer of 2013 and found them to be just as effective as his original swimbait. The new model has a ringed body. This ringed body makes for a slimmer profile. The tail is exactly the same size as his orginal bait and has the same outstanding action. I use these as trailers for my swim jigs. I feel the slimmer profiled body fits the swim jig a little better than the original. In addition, while Pete, the owner of Big Hammer, was thinking about colors I was able to convince him to make a color to match my Bullgill colored swim jig. If you check the site, you will see one of the colors is called Bullgill. All the colors he selected are great bass catching colors.






You can check out all the great baits at www.swimbait.com

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Looks great Jonn. Thanks for sharing this.


Have you tried the 'Shadalicious' tails by Strike King? They work great on your swim jigs. Kevin was tossing a big one and it looked like a friggin' trout swimming back to the 'yak. He caught a lot of big smallmouth on it.

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Its looks like Big hammer is finally jumping on board to what Keitech swimbaits have been producing. I feel the action is far superior to big hammer however my problem is Keitech baits are not very durable and @ 8$ a pack they don't last long. what is your feelings on durability of the new big hammer product ?

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