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Game Changer fly

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Hey guys. If any of you haven't had a chance to use the "Game Changer" fly, you're missing out. These are a blast to fish, action is incredible. Use it on a sink tip, or floating, depending on your water. If you are interested in trying one out, I would purchase a couple, kind of a pain to tie, easy, just a little time consuming. Also, these flies are always on backorder, so if you can find them, I would snag a couple. Ryan





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What did you use for the tail material? I am very interested in this fly. I tried to tye one a few months ago and was not pleased with my results...............in other words, it did not turn out as nice as I wanted it to. Ended up throwing it in the garbage. Gotta try again. I see they have a new body material designed by Mr. Chocklett himself.

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