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New Ride

Scott Ferguson

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I've had a pontoon for about 12 years and while it still works just fine, it was time for a new one. Today, my new Fish Cat 9IR from Outcast showed up. It's a foot longer than my old one, which gives it a higher weight capacity. I've already made a few modifications like replacing the plastic seat it came with, with a seat from my regular boat. I also added an aluminum cargo deck behind the seat, replacing a cloth mesh deck. Taking selfies with fish had always been a challenge so I added a camera mount on an extension arm from Ram Mounts. I also used a Ram Mount to mount a depthfinder. Ram makes camera mounts that will fit nearly any type of kayak or boat.

I'm dying to get it out on the water. Anyone who'd like to float the DuPage this weekend, let me know!



Fish Cat 9IR



Camera and depthfinder mounts

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Looks great Scott. Did the black bags on top of the pontoons come with, or are those the ones from your old boat? Also, are the foot rests wide enough to get your leg comfortably around the depth finder? They look a little short to me.

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I bought mine through Sportsman's Warehouse. I could send Outcast a letter and ask for one but I can guess what their answer might be.

They have almost no dealers in the Midwest. Maybe if they are looking to expand their market, they might give it some thought. This is the kind of boat that Rocktown Adventures should be selling. I once spoke to the previous owners about pontoons and they had no idea what I was talking about.

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Pontoons are just not as common here as they are out West. I bought my first pontoons at Bass Pro in Gurnee, they don't even sell them there anymore. I went there recently to see what they had. I didn't see any so I asked someone. They said, "Oh sure, we have them."The fly fishing guy then showed me the float tubes. He didn't know what I was talking about. There is an online only fly shop out of Oak Park that is listed as a dealer, but they don't stock any boats. Just not enough sales in the area. Of course they won't sell if you don't have any to show.

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