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Michigan info?


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I'll be in Michigan in a couple weeks; specifically at the Boy Scout Camp near Whitehall north of Muskegon. Looks like I am near a lot of water and a National Forest. Does anyone have any info they'd be willing to share regarding the rivers and any smallmouth in the area or within about an hours drive or so? I can sometimes get away for a day as my boys are plenty old enough and it'd be sweet to have the option to possibly fish. Thanks!

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I floated the Muskegon from Evart to Paris 7-8 years ago. Pretty nice stretch with moderate development in some areas. Good current and rock structure. Caught several smallies including one 19". Couple of walleye too.

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Kevin, you can also try the Rogue River,



Michigan has changed its licensing this year. Instead of having a special species (trout) stamp, it's all inclusive, and, as a result, the price has shot up to $76 for nonresidents. You can buy a 72 hour license for $30.



In any case, it's a beautiful area. If you decide to fish the Flat River (very wade-able) north of Lowell, Mi, let me know, and I can give you more specifics.

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