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Yeti or Engel?

Forrest Miller

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I have the yeti 50. It is the rowing seat in my boat. I sit on it, stand on it, and no way possible would it ever break. I will for sure have the cooler for life. No experience with the other brands, but Yetis are worth every dollar. The 50 is a great size because it stands a little taller than the others, but has a smaller footprint. With the feet on the bottom of the cooler, it is extremely stable, makes an excellent casting platform. Don't worry about the hype with what cooler holds ice longer. When are you going to need ice for 7 days straight? That being said, mine did hold ice for 6 days, in the shade though. They all hold ice well, get the one that has more features you like. The yeti comes with a dry storage tray too, and you get nice steel yeti bottle opener after you register it! It's the little things! Ryan

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