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Region meeting at Coren's

John Loebach

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From 5pm till almost 8pm 14 members made it a good gathering. Host Eric Heckman gave an interersting 1/2 hour rod (blank) construction presentation ( Sage dvd) followed by question & answer. Then guest speaker Bob Rogers spoke about spring lakefront fishing patterns. Very informative & timely. He starts about now & the early fishing is more brown trout but as the water warms into the 40's (think a weeks warming trend) the smallies mix in and get more active as the spring proceeds. Bob fly fishes alot with a full sinking line, his flybox was very interesting - I would like to have the Bassbuggers have him demo some of his patterns. Someone should post an informal fishing outing to try this out soon. Thanks to all who came out - Eric is a great source of information - if you missed this stop in sometime & mention the ISA. Ask him about the flyfishing on the Kankakee. John

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John that was a great meeting put together, thanks.


Eric, with his obvious knowledge of his profession, did a wonderful job on his presentation, and his store is a must visit!


I’m sorry I had to cut out early and miss most of Bobs talk on the lakefront fishing, Bob was also a guy that really knew what he was talking about, but what I did hear has me fired up to get out there and explore our Lake Michigan shoreline for Mr. Smallie.


Here are a few photos.

Eric Heckman during his presentation,



and Bob Rogers, on the right, speaking to the group.


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It was a very informative meeting. Learned some new spots to try on the lakefront. The pizza was pretty darn good, too! Now I really need to find my fly gear and put it to good use.


It seems from Tim's first pic, that I'm losing more hair on the back of my already sparsely covered head! :o

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