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Craft fur baitfish

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This is what I was using all day on our float. Just a couple sections of olive fur on top, one white on bottom, black sharpie and glue on eyes. Mike was kind enough to row upstream a few times when I snagged! I brought my tying stuff to work so I could tie up a couple flies at night, and forgot my vise. So I made use of our vice in the shop. Ryan


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I've been tying up the same. Very simple.

Yeah, this was the first one I tied up just screwing around with materials on hand. Craft fur has good motion in the water, and I like the fact that it's naturally tapered, unlike EP or other synthetics you have to tie and trim to shape. It worked great with a sink tip, gets down to where you want it real quick. Ryan

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One tip I might add or at least what I have found when using craft fur is "to keep the materials sparse". Not a bad suggestion for fly tying in general but if you tie on too much craft fur, you lose movement and transparency. Again they look great

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Two different color craft furs, Gama B10s size 4 hook, 8.5mm eyes of choice, sharpie.

-Tie in one clump of olive about 1/4" behind eye

-Tie in second clump(and third if need be), but push clump down so it covers sides of hook as well.

-Tie in white right at the hook eye, also pushing it down to make sure their is no gap between olive and white fur.

- Glue on eyes, add stripes

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