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Blowout vs Blackhawks

k olson

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I was just asked to attend the Blackhawks game at Soldier Field on sat night, they are expensive seats with a parking pass no less.

The problem is I have already purchased my blowout ticket and have not missed one since joining the club. This is a true dilemma for

having played the sport for many years and the game being played in an epic setting ? On the other hand, good food, fanatic smallie

fisherman and Jim J. on the mic dishing out prizes? Hmm what to due? What would you do in my shoes? Maybe I will see you and

then again maybe I won't.

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No wind at the hockey game, but the -4 high is a challenge.


Plenty of wind at the Blowout which is a wind convention. But you can count on 70+ with all the sweaty bodies drinking beer.


Scalp the hockey tickets.

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I was in the same situation, free ticket & free parking to the hockey game also had my Blowout ticket. I had to experience open air

hockey. It got kind of cold sitting in the snow by the end of the game. Glad I went. With the snow & slow drive I made it home about

3:00 am, I had to stop for breakfest. There were 8 people in the place and 6 counting me had gone to the hockey game.


Bill S

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