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Central Illinois BassBuggers Fly Tying Gathering - January 26th

Rob G

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Central Illinois BassBuggers Fly Tying Gathering

January 26th, Sunday 1 PM - 4 PM

Bloomington, IL

Fire Station #2

1911 Hamilton Rd, Bloomington, IL 61704


We will be tying several new smallmouth patterns along with some old favorite top water patterns as well.

You do not have to be a member of the ISA to attend these gatherings and beginners are welcome.

Afterwards we will often find a nearby watering hole in order to grab a quick bite.

Contact Rob G here at the ISA forums for further information

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bring your vise and whatever tying tools and basic materials that you normally use like thread, etc and if you forget something or find you need something you didn't bring, someone always has a spare for you to use. As to materials, I will be bringing over some stuff that can be used to tie various topwater flies such as popper materials, foam and other stuff but consider bringing down anything you might want to work on, both that you can either demonstrate your skills or might need help on. I will have the Kreb's Popper cutters and if JimZ brings the larger set, then you can make some neat poppers so think how you might want to dress them out and bring things like rubber legs or a few hackle but again, we'll have stuff there. Also, we'll have some Crease fly cutters there as well. The focus is on topwater smallmouth stuff, but I can guarantee that somebody will be tying bluegill, trout, or carp/gar flies (now who ties silly flies like that?) Sometimes it can be more structured but other than us attempting Jude's JudeBug, we'll keep it loose. I know that's a little vague but we keep things casual.

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One other thing, if anyone has any of the UV curing glues, would you mind bringing them along. I have an experiment that I would like to perform using an instrument that I possess which emits light at a wavelength 365 nm. of which I would like to see if it will cure some of the commercial adhesives.


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Well we had an even dozen make it to our fly tying gathering today, which actually was quite a decent turnout considering the weather up north. Several others contacted me this morning and explained that it was going to be tough traveling and had to cancel. As always we had a great time tying flies and telling lies. Hopefully we'll have better traveling weather next time.


We're shooting for February 16th Sunday 1-4 PM, same time, same station (literally)


Thanks again to Tim B and the Bloomington, IL Fire station for allowing us to use their wonderful facility.



Here's Stan Z walking us thru the tying of the Famed Jude Bug. Thanks again Stanley !




And finally it's Jim Z demonstrating one of his favorite crayfish patterns.




Hope to see everyone next time !

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This was my first BassBuggers event and it was time very well spent meeting others interested in fly tying, listening to stories, and getting insight on flies that really catch 'em! Thanks for the kindness and welcoming spirit. Feb 16th is on my calendar.


Mike from Peoria

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