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Pizza Night at Papa Passero's

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There were 10 (11?) ISA members at Papa Passero's on Friday. Dan Basore, who will be the featured speaker at The Blowout on March 1, gave us a sneak preview of what his presentation will be. Everybody knows Dan is one of the premier lure collectors in the country but few may be aware that Dan was one of the first members of BASS and fished the early pro tournament circuit. He was there when the sport of professional fishing was in it's infancy and fished with all of the legends. He has stories and pictures of those early days with Ray Scott, Billy Westmoreland, the Lindners, and everybody else who was influential in shaping bass fishing into what we know today. His brief sampling of what we can look forward to made us all anxious to here more of the fascinating stories Dan has to tell. You should have been there.

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There were 10 (11?) ISA members at Papa Passero's on Friday. You should have been there.





Believe me I would much rather have been there! I am pleased that everything went so well, Thanks to John and Scott for handling things in my absence.

Hopefully we'll get a better turnout for next months meeting at Famous Daves's in Addison


For January I will give an informational presentation on the Sylvania Wilderness.We will cover everything from reservations thru camping and of course fishing.I will also answer any questions anyone may have about smallmouth fishing in Door County Wi.This will be held at the Famous Daves BBQ 1631 W. Lake st. Addison Il 60101.This will also be BYOB (buy your own BBQ).

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There was truly some "lively" discussion about fishing at the pizza party. As Scott said, you should have been there. It made me really look forward to the Blowout.

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