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My Second Fly of Hanukkah

Mike G

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I think of these as gifts I might give.


Nothing like a 7" Half and Half.




That's a 3/0 ewg 60 deg Mustad.


I used Lefty's method of pinching, twisting, and bundling saddle hackles to make the wing.



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Mike, I would join in the fun but I can't even find my fly tying bench right now because it's covered up with bicycle parts and wheel components. I'm building up a new set of wheels and a different bike at the moment but if the darn bearings that I ordered would ever show up, I'm hoping to get it wrapped up so to be able to enter a few Christmas entries anyway. Keep up the good work !

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Rule 1: There are no rules. Therefore there is no rule that the flies have to be new creations. You can regift your old favorites. Also you get a second chance. Greek Orthodox Hanukkah starts at sundown on December 9. :rolleyes:

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