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A Cool Video from Catch Magazine

Tom L

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That's awesome. That's my type of women, great caster, canister of bear spray on her hip! She throws in a nice aerial mend on one of those casts! They have good populations of bull trout on some of the rivers by my folks house in MT, and they have some real strict regulations on targeting them. For a good reason of course. Very cool. Fishing for anything is nice with scenery like that. Ryan

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How cool was that. Thanks for sharing Tom. In what BC valley was she fishing?

That was filmed in Fernie, BC. Looks like a nice vacation destination.


The waters, the sceneries, and the trouts are mesmerizing. Of cause, Todd Moen had done a wonderful job with the camera and editing.


Beckie Clarke is a guide. Here is her website: http://fernieflyfishing.com/


Catch Magazine got quite a few more videos on Youtube. I'm a big fan of Todd Moen.


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