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L.Kenney 7'10" 5/6wt., Abel TR 2, and Hatch Finatic 3 plus

Colt Johnson

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I decided to show off the new Finatic 3 plus I received in a drawing on the dry fly forum: http://dryflyforum.com/. The reel is pretty awesome, especially since I didn't have to pay for it. Just before the drawing I had been looking for a reel to pair with a couple 5/6wt. glass rods coming down the pipe (Morgan 7'6" 5wt., Steffen 8'0" 5/6wt. and a Kenney 7'10" 5/6wt). Having really liked the Abel TR3's proportions on a few similar sized rods, I was looking for something around 3.25" and around 4.5-5.0 ounces.


I picked up a TR2 for a good price. It holds a 5wt. line really nicely, and I suspect it will be paired with the Morgan 7'6" 5wt. But I found that a 6wt. line was pushing it. The TR2 is just under my desired specs. Then came the Finatic 3 plus. The reel is advertised as more of a 4wt. reel, but I was able to fit a 100' Rio Smallmouth 6wt. line with a couple dozen yards of backing. It is exactly 3.25" in diameter and 4.8 oz.




For the fishing I typically do, backing is simply an arbor builder. Since the fanatic already has a large arbor, the 20ish yards of backing will be plenty...especially with 100' of fly line.

The first of my 5/6wt. rods to be finished I built myself. It is a L.Kenney 7'10" 3pc. 5/6wt. The rod feels amazing....and I've heard good things. For this one, I used a dark nickel Lemke LC16 seat with a black ash burl mortised insert. The guides are light wire TiCH coated snakes and the stripper is an REC black pearl recoil #10. YLI 100wt. thread and flor grade cork grip.



I am really excited to try this puppy out. And I may just have an opportunity this weekend (pt.2)....headed to the in laws on the Fox River.



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Thanks. I sure wish I could fish more. Time is limited with 1 and 4 year olds. But I live on two lakes which gives me an edge. I do a lot of bluegill and largemouth fishing on our lakes. I only get out for smallies about once a month. I also really enjoy building rods and experimenting with different tapers and materials. The last couple years it has been mostly fiberglass stuff.


I love small, intimate water the most. You can't beat an 8' 5/6wt glass rod for smaller water smallies. And bumping down to 3wt glass rod is always exciting.



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