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Thought I would share this

Jimmy M.

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I learned about that cast a few yrs ago from an article written by Gary Borger in Midwest Flyfishing magazine. I forget what he called it but i call it a "V" cast which is what is formed when the line lands on the water after the rod tip is flipped upstream & back downstream. Omitted in the video is the final maneuver of the cast which fulfills the purpose of the cast per Borger which is not to put slack in the line which could result in a poor hookset but to place the entire line well upstream of the fly to defeat drag.As soon as the v is formed on the water simply reaching the rod upstream will place the entire flyline upstream of the fly at about a 45 degree angle directly in line with the fly without any slack.The problem with that cast is it's too difficult to do for more than short distance casting as well as when precise accuracy is desired. A simple reach cast accomplishes much the same thing as far as placing the line upstream of the fly.However the cast as described in the video is good to learn when much slack is needed as in multiple crosscurrents or to give the fly more time to reach proper depth before flyline drag begins.As Tom points out there are other casts ,wiggle casts,pile casts,etc.to gain slack.One I like to use is briskly flipping the rod tip up than down as the line sails out. But none of these casts will put as much slack in as the one in this video.

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