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  1. It's almost time for fall top water fishing and I am looking for a floating mono line . I have tried a couple different brands of super line but really don't like the feel of these line coming threw the water. Does anyone have any recommendations ?
  2. Stumbled upon this and thought I would share it with any of you "fly guys" https://vimeo.com/46896309
  3. here's the link http://www.amazon.com/Gear-Keeper-RT3-0092-Flashlight-Retractor/dp/B001F0DCNQ
  4. UPDATE I will be returning to work tomorrow and will not be able to attend the cast and compare event this Saturday. Sorry if this cause any inconvenience for anyone other than me.
  5. I caught my biggest smallmouth ever last Friday evening. No tape measure, no camera. I now carry a tape with me but I sure wish i had a picture. I was out in the middle of the river hip deep in the water and although I took a few seconds to admire this beauty ( I held it next to my fly rod to get some idea of how long it was by comparison) but I wanted to set her free as soon as possible. I was wondering what sort of camera and gear would I use, to get the best possible picture of a fish, under the conditions mentioned above. I have a very nice cell phone but am apprehensive about taking it out in the water. Also, what would be a good procedure to get the best possible picture of a fish and still be able to get it back in the water quickly. I know how big this beauty was, and who really cares if anyone believes me or not. Still it would be nice to be able to back up my story.
  6. I have an SP 890 Graphite IV B (8 wt 2 piece 9") custom made fly rod with extra tip section for sale. This rod has Fuji SIC fly guides tied on. I am asking 300.00 Also have SP+ 890 Graphite IV (8 wt 2 piece 9") custom made fly rod. Fuji SIC stripping guides. Asking 300.00 also I have the socks and Aluminum tubes for both rods. Both of these rods are in very good condition. I am planning on attending the cast and compare event this Saturday and will bring both rods.
  7. I've been going through boxes in my garage and came across these reels. They came back from Dave's reel Service last summer for inspection and a few parts replacements. Haven't been used since. 5 Team Diawa 103 HVA 1 Team Diawa 103 PVA 1 Diawa Viento (not serviced, but never really used much) These reels have varying degrees of boat rash ( I hate that term) but are in great mechanical shape. I would like to get 40 bucks a piece for them or am willing to make a package deal for all. I might be willing to trade them for fly fishing gear. Gonna wait a week or so before I put them on Ebay. If you might be interested email me james2415@comcast.net
  8. Does anyone out there have any experience with these rods. I am looking at possibly purchasing one to throw large poppers and possibly larger streamers. Any thoughts?
  9. I am looking for this rod if anyone has one in their closet that they are willing to part with contact me @ james2415@comcast.net thanks
  10. Done! And I think this was a good idea, Thanks for reminding me!
  11. Jimmy M.


    Does anyone know of a resource to learn about seasonal movement of thread fin shad in upper Midwest rivers systems? I've seen smallies bustin them for about 3 weeks now and suddenly both the shad and the smallmouth have moved.
  12. Rich, You might be right about the suckers ringin on the bugs i am talking about. However the "take" is a very subtle one and reminds me of the many times I've seen smallies taking dries. I do not claim to be an expert on this by any means but the fish are not breaking the surface tension of the water, merely putting a small dimple on it much like when they take an emerger just before it pops to the surface. I only fish the Kankakee since it's so close to home.
  13. I have had this air brush in the back of a drawer in my work bench for some time now and I never used it.....ever lol. The list for 169.00 t0 200.00 when I googled it. I am asking 100.00. Or possibly trade for something that won't fit back in the drawer were it came from........
  14. I've only been able to get out on the river 3 times this year, fishing from a boat, in high water conditions (fast moving and dirty) but have still managed a few dandy smallies on conventional tackle.. Now that I have that out of the way i noticed something on every trip so far this month and am kind of amazed. I have done a bit of dry fly fishing, in the fall exclusively, for about 6 seasons now. I remember as a kid that around this time of the year we had HUGE hatches of white Millers, so much so that the bridges over the river looked like it had snowed. Those days are gone due to the siltation of the river I would assume, however this still happens to a lesser degree, and mayflies can still be seen if you pay attention. To the point of this post is, I am able to tell the difference between a carp rolling on the surface and a smallie ringin on a bug on or near the surface, and I have witnessed it quite frequently as of late. The thing is that the water is high, dirty and moving pretty fast. The rings I am seeing are out in the middle of no mans land. These fish have to be in the upper 6 inches of the water column just to be able to even see these bugs as they go by. And some of them are on the fast side of the seam on current breaks over 10 to 16 feet of water. The fish are not setup on any certain feeding station, and the ringin is sparatic at best. I guess that I am just rambling here but I had to tell someone, (my fishing buddy is a die hard spinnin tackle guy and could care less about fly fishing let alone bugs) If anyone has any input about this I am interested in learning more about the why's and hows of this. Thanks for your time!
  15. I am in the market for a new trolling motor for my jon boat. Here are some specifics: I mainly river fish using the "slipping " technique (predominately shallower water) I use my trolling motor to slow the drift of my boat as well as hold in an area ( although there are times when I need to move back upstream the retrieve a snag and need more power). I am looking at bow mounts only and wish to keep it to a 12 volt system to cut down on weight. I the past I have owned both foot, and hand control versions, both of which have positives and negatives. One other consideration is shaft length, maximum 36". I am wondering if anyone has had actual experience with shortening the shaft on their motor. I ask this because, from what I see offered out there the larger the lb. thrust, the longer the shaft. Your thoughts?
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