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Roland Martin's river smallmouth episode

Jim Wright

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On NBC SPORTSNET channel 55 on Comcast digital. Caught the river smallmouth episode of Roland Martin show. I'm not a big fan of the "ooo son" stuff and what not. Yet he is a fine fisherman.

Excellent info. Caught many in the 4 and 5# class. He talked about the need of catch and release of these fish. In between "oo sons" he mentions the age of a fine trophy smallie. Well done Ro.

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I saw a cool In-Fisherman a few weeks ago where Doug Stange was demonstrating a neat tactic for finicky suspending smallmouth. (Think it was late autumn.) He used a small stick worm wacky-rigged with a circle hook on light line suspended about three feet below a hookless topwater popper lure. He'd use the popper for the "bloop" to draw the curious smallmouth in and then they'd see the suspended stick worm twitch and nail it. He said you can use rattling floats too -- the smallmouth is very curious by nature and will move in to investigate a sound. The whole thing made sense as a combination sound/sight finesse presentation.

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