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Flies of the ISA 3/10/07

John Loebach

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You don't want to miss our annual members tying event, 10am to 4pm at One More Cast in Countryside. In case your time is limited, here is the days schedule:

10-11am Micheal Taylor Meat Whistle & Mowhawk Minnow

11-12am Joseph Meyer Yellow 8 Footer

12-1pm Craig Reindeau Awesome Minnow & Crystal Craigfish

1-2pm Alan Sherman Float & Fly, Gartside Gurgler

2-3pm Steve Jordan Holschlag Hackle Fly

3-4pm Matt Jennings Matts Bug


Matt can't be there so one of our members will demonstrate Matt's Bug. Also the hourly schedule is for the main table, a second table will run cosecutively so we can repeat or add patterns as requested throughout the day. Bring your vise, thread, and scissors - materials will be provided.

If you don't tie come out & visit to see how its done. John

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Guest One More Cast

Good call on the camera, Scott.


Don't forget, the very next day Sunday March 11th I'll have another free all day event with Smallie Guides Tim Landwerh, Kip Veith (recently published in Eastern Fly Fishing magazine) and Popper builder Sleazy Steve Winters.


Call for more info on either event, 708.482.4990



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Guest Mark P



I'm familiar with all patterns listed except the "Yellow 8 Footer".


Could you please provide me with the recipe?


Thank you.


Mark P

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