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Question on natural obstacles

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I frequent a section of the Kish's south branch. In several places there are trees and branches that have formed a sort of damn, causing a bunch of flotsam to collect. In one place, it makes the river impossible to navigate in normal water levels. From an ecological standpoint, is this sort of thing a disturbance to the natural cycle, or part of it?


I guess the point of my question is - is it safe to remove these obstacles, or would that mess up the larger ecosystem?



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Guest rich mc

most jams ill clear in high water if they dont they can cause problem as water will seek a new route. just like a big falldown can wipe out the bank across from it. we have done log jam removals before. also the paddling group has a crew that opens them up for clear paddling. pm me with the location rich mc

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I know the area in which you are speaking. I know it very well as a matter of fact.

Once the water levels got down to a safe level to access this area, I hit it in hopes that the log jam might have been washed away from

the high waters of April and even with hope that WCFPD had removed the jam as I noticed that they had removed other log jams in other areas last Fall.

Of course as you know the log jam is still there and is now twice the size. This thing is pretty massive, it's going to take heavy equipment to

remove it at this point. It is not going to go away by way of Mother Nature at this point.

And yes, I do believe this needs to come down for the good of the river.

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