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Scent Markers

Tom L

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I have been using the red garlic dip variety for some time on generic soft plastics. It gives the plastics an upgrade to make them more like the Brand Name scented baits. I assume the liquid in the pens is the same as the liquid in the bottles.


Here's the caution. Both the scent and the color stain are extremely powerful. A drop on the carpet makes a stain that is there forever and the smell will seem to be there forever. These are good qualities when one wants permanent color and scent. It is definitely an outdoor product to be used carefully even there. Wear old clothes. Gloves are not out of the question.


Now I never thought of using this stuff on flies. Maybe there is an ethical issue of fly doping to be considered.


For a total of 2 cents.

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Thanks Mike for the warning. Mike is right that the scent is extremely powerful. The markers are easier and less messy to use than the dip type. I tried them on craftfur, rabbit strip, and marabou last night. All worked well.

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Thanks Ryan. I've been fishing Lake Geneva with Danny who fishes spinning rods with plastic worms and tubes. He's been outfished me 2 to 1. I've heard the same in fishing tournaments that the fly rod division 1st place: 15lbs and the all tackle division 1st place: 45lbs. I'm not a purist. Tradition is nice, but innovation is must.


Rich - try some on your shannon streamer, if you haven't tried them already.

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