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why didn't I think of this

Ed Buric

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It doesn't really seem quicker? Wonder about the knot strength?


Anyway, I like a loop knot for flies.


I like the non slip mono loop knot too. Since my spinal operation,I don't have full feeling in my fingers and this trick really speeds up tying a knot for me.

I tested the knot strength and it held very well.

The knot tied in the vid was a Clinch Knot. The same technique can be used with the Non Slip Mono Loop Knot.


I realized that it was a clinch knot.Now I have to try it for the non slip mono loop which I do prefer.

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At a flycasting event last Sunday one of the Orvis reps advised that the unimproved clinch knot which is easier to tie was actually stronger than the improved version as well. Surprising. I like a loop knot too but have found it's best to retie fairly often when aggressively casting heavier flies which stresses the loop to break.

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I do like a loop knot that allows for maybe a little more motion in certain flies but I have lost more flies and fish with that knot. My go to knot is an Orvis knot and I'm sure I can tie it faster than in that video especially since I would have to get my forceps out of my pocket and I would prefer my line not be manipulated with forceps that could abrade the line, that's just me though.

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