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Apple River Q's


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I'd love to fish the Apple river this year. Was wondering if anyone hear could give me some pointers on the type of wade I can expect and maybe an example or two of a nice route to take? Thanks in advance.

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For a mid week outing expect very little company. Expect small skinny water with some deep holes, lots of rocks to trip over, and clear water unless it just rained. A big rain will flash flood this river. Scenery is nice. You can expect a deer fly to follow you for a mile or so or until you can swat it. Smallmouth, creek chubs and the occasional leftover rainbow trout are the main predator fish.

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The Apple is a great river to wade, but access to good spots can be tricky, the state park area is good and if you follow Apple Canyon rd to the lake you will pass over the river , stop and fish this area, it,s now legal and you can wade the pool under the bridge and go up or downriver.I should be there this weekend, it will be my first club outing, looking foward to the weekend.

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