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The B10 Articulated Minnow

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I love articulated flies. They take a bit longer to tie but are super cool and give a little different look in the water when compared to standard, single hooked flies. My love for articulation took off when I caught the Muskie bug and began tying muskie flies that were articulated.


Lately, I have been brainstorming how I could make an articulated smallie fly that would fished on a slow sinking, sink tip line and would be fished a few inches under the surface...........kinda like the way I fish my flukes on standard gear. Here is what I came up with..........










The reason I am calling it the B10 Minnow is the fact that I use the B10 hooks from Gammy. #2 on the back hook and #1 on the front..............the fly is basically weightless. The eyes are the plastic dumbbell eyes from Clear Cure Goo.

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Its nothing special Mike, chartreuse and white brad bohen "hang time". I also up sized the barto minnow, I think I use a 3/0. Let me dig for some pics and I'll make a new post. For the record I have never even had a follow yet, though my efforts have not been stellar.

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