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Swim Jig time is here.

Jonn Graham

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It is going to warm up sometime.....................hopefully soon. Anyone wishing to order swim jigs for the spring bite, get your orders to me asap. I just ordered another shipment of hooks and will be ready for orders again. You can email me at jonn@campsmallmouth.com or call me at 309-399-7055. If you wait until later in the spring, you may be waiting longer for your jigs.

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Get em while they last. Only swimjig I will throw!!! I've caught white bass that would blow your mind out of small flows. Smallies crush these when a spinnerbait proves ineffective and will usually outperform a spinnerbait anyway!

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I'll add props for Jonn's swim jigs! Well made and customizable!


Please refresh my memory on the name of that swim bait that goes with these jigs so well. Like the one in the third picture.

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Big hammer is what Jonn uses. Currently testing some new ones here.


Thanks. That's the name. They look good on their site. It is hard to beat those hand poured colors.


I have been wondering about these:




Z-man Elaztech http://zmanfishing.com/store/categories/elaztech/minnowz


The material is very flexible and unbelievably durable. I will be trying some of them when Swim Jig season comes.

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Guest rich mc

i have used the gene lareu long minnow for almost 20 years was the first knub tail plastic out there. i use the long minnow on a slider hook and can fish it across the weed topsif its skim hooked the big hammer is much thicker and hammers out a big vibration rich mc

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